Dear Silver Elo

Hello ! How are you all doing on this fine day ? I have a question for all of you playing in this elo . How many games out of 10 do you play vs obvious booster teams or even people with a script ? Is the end season boarder + victorious (i hope urgot) skin so important to you , that you would go so low as to get someone to go and duo win for you or use third party scripts to help out. I am not sure how they find any kind of pride in a win where you go 0/10 while being caryed by that 30 kills rengo or that support karthus with perfect Qs flashes etc. If that is the case here let me give you some advice. Take the RP/cash/whatever you are giving to them and forget those wanna be boosters and pay someone for coaching. This way you actually get someone to help you get better at the game and get that elo on your own making it even feel good ! PS: All you boosters can kiss my ass. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} peace out

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