Getting accused of "losing lane" when i got 3 towers and 1 inhib advantage. Then i get banned :)

i played shaco support (i have good win rate), i took 3 towers and 1 inhibitor while the rival bot lane took 0 structures. I also had a positive KDA. I cant understand why my adc olaf started insulting me and saying "i lose the lane". Then his premade mid started flaming me aswell (?¿) and asking me "why do you pick shaco support, its not fun for your adc", ironic that he doesnt mention the olaf adc 1-8 score (his premade). Short story, i get harassed by these disgusting kids the entire game, i stop playing and stay at fountain and get baned :) Why is this community so disgusting? Its not my fault that i have anger issues, but im always rational and play well, i never lie or make up things just to flame my team and cahnnel my anger that way, if im angry i stay as an honest person, why is this community full of immature,irrational, delusional raging kids?
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