Perma banned

Yesterday i got permabanned for calling people iron feeding 10 year old noobs and that i will not help them until they ff and stop wasting my time in a game they dont deserve to win. Most probably deserved to be honest. But during the same games that chat log got me the suspension,there were in every single game people calling me to "get canser" (missspelled to avoid rito's stupid bad words automatic system) and i never got a single report feedback about these people getting insta perma banned. Maybe cause i was playing solo and got reported by 3 or 4 premades and my report has no meaning at all when you have to deal with premade kids that still havent changed their teeth. No need to type more,i just wanted to expess my feelings about it and since riot looks to be ok with wishing cancer to others, i will say good morning to everyone and "get canser" to all the riot employers. After all it looks to be allowed and acceptable by all of them. See you in the fields of justice riot mods. Do you really think your ban will keep me away from the game or even try to adapt to your idiotic and silly reform stuff you keep blabing about (cause we cant even leave the game and start a new one since we will get banned for afk)?Well i won't. And if you wanna hear a tear breaking hypocretical sorry,like you do for people that dont reform,but you get money by them and suck each other's cock live on stream (like tyler1),well im not gonna give you the joy of reading that.
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