I am toxic as hell, any tips how I can reform to a positive player?

I realized, that I'm not just salty, I'm not just tilting sometimes, I am just really toxic and I want to change that, I am basicly **that one guy** in the games I play. I noticed the problems I have, I get tilted way to easily. if something doesn't work as I wanted, I kinda rage. When a teammate makes a simple mistake, I instantly get the urge to flame and insult him. And if anyone tells me something I rage even more. If I get ahead on my lane and I win really easily, I almost in every case start BMing and trashtalking and stuff, as soon as I fall behind I'm just getting mad and toxic. It's often like that, when my team wins even tho I fked up hard in that game, I am still behaving toxic because my ego stands in my way, I am starting to troll or stuff just because I can't stand to not stand good in a game myself. I just have enough of that all, I made my duoq partner get so mad at me he said he is done, that he won't play with me anymore. I want to reform into a better player, I want to get back into playing with my duoq partner. This all keeps me from really enjoying the game, it keeps me from constantly having fun, from climbing, from everything. I ask for tips here to reform and start being a good member of the community and a good duoq partner. Thank you in advance
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