How does Curve Fever have a better report system than Riot? (with explanation)

If you haven't played curve fever, their report system is as follows: 1. Players can vote on reports from other people's games. 2. If majority of voters are all in agreement the punishment is issued 3. All voters who voted correctly get small reward (equivalent to 50 BE maybe a bit more) 4. To be a voter you have to have played for a while without being penalised/low number of penalities 5. Voters can get ranks based on how often they vote correctly and how much they vote, higher ranks = greater rewards and more influence (e.g. highest ranking vote = 10 lowest ranking vote) meaning not as many people are required to vote per report. 6. Voters can vote not only on the reported player but on the reportee or other players if they see any other reportable behaviour/can make their own reports if necessary. This system is 10000000000% better than riots Judge Jury and Executioner robot of doom that often bans new/younger/otherwise more vulnerable players instead of gaslighters (people who try and f-uck with people and circumvent the system) or trolls. Like I know one of those boards mods or whatever will give me a lengthy speech about how this is so stupid blah blah blah, but lets be honest the community isnt happy with the current system, riot isnt happy with it and the poor robot handling these reports is likely on the verge of roboticide. o everyone a favour and learn from people who have done something that works!
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