The Real Reason for Flaming

Does it seem even remotely sensible that literally in EVERY SINGLE GAME there is at least one person who deserves a report of one sort or the other? Whether it be trolling, cursing, flaming team-mates or simply going AFK cause "ff 15" didn't work. No, it does not. Not in the least. Why on earth are there literally no ways to deal with players who ruin the experience in the game? Why does DOTA have a system which allows you to leave a game with an AFK player in it without being penalized, while this game offers absolutely none? The /remake is hardly a solution when a player decides to rage-quit later, or simply does not meet the requirements needed to make a remake work. All that being said, putting the naturally toxic people aside, the real reason for people flaming is: -- LACK OF CHOICE -- Everyone, or at least most, are playing Ranked Queue in order to win, progress and achieve. People try-hard, people give this game time and patience, most even money to make the experience more pleasurable. However, once you put those people in an environment **FROM WHICH THEY CANNOT ESCAPE WITHOUT BEING PUNISHED** for 30-45 minutes, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do. Why? Why is there literally nothing to be done by the player, if he is stuck with that pathetic human being who just wants to grief "for the heck of it", just cause "this is a smurf account", just cause "I hate this region, so I troll"? It is important to remember, that aside from being a "Just a game", this is ultimately an environment which places you with other real-life people you have to interact with. Why are there no actual systems in place to enforce better, and allow players to actually HAVE A CHOICE in the matter? Support specialists always say to "post your suggestions on the boards". So how do we get this moving? How do we get the RIOT team to notice this? How do we start a change that is only logical?
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