Do i deserve a ban for this?

Game 1 In-Game TheSharpFalcon: dont ping me TheSharpFalcon: you inted my lane TheSharpFalcon: lmao TheSharpFalcon: dont come mid again please TheSharpFalcon: im playing an adc TheSharpFalcon: i cant help with your ints TheSharpFalcon: gg lose lane TheSharpFalcon: coz jungle difference TheSharpFalcon: wtf TheSharpFalcon: please TheSharpFalcon: listen to pings TheSharpFalcon: rengar TheSharpFalcon: please TheSharpFalcon: just mute this rengar TheSharpFalcon: he got boosted TheSharpFalcon: gg TheSharpFalcon: ff TheSharpFalcon: jungle difference ): TheSharpFalcon: what am i watching wtf TheSharpFalcon: i pinged TheSharpFalcon: jesus TheSharpFalcon: rengar TheSharpFalcon: is not TheSharpFalcon: just wow TheSharpFalcon: rengar TheSharpFalcon: you inted this game xDDD TheSharpFalcon: muted because he doesnt know wwhat leagyue is TheSharpFalcon: dont ping me inting top TheSharpFalcon: maybe its because im playing lucian XDDDD TheSharpFalcon: i just took a plate xdd check the map xdddddd top TheSharpFalcon: nice e TheSharpFalcon: LOL THAT R TheSharpFalcon: this irelia TheSharpFalcon: good ignite and no kill xddd TheSharpFalcon: rengar omg TheSharpFalcon: LOL TheSharpFalcon: woah irelia landed r weldone TheSharpFalcon: ur so good TheSharpFalcon: rengar u have 7 deaths TheSharpFalcon: thresh land hook? TheSharpFalcon: LOL irelia NICE PENTA TheSharpFalcon: no Game 2 In-Game TheSharpFalcon: I WIN TheSharpFalcon: dw galio u got this TheSharpFalcon: np TheSharpFalcon: no need to flame TheSharpFalcon: ill gank now TheSharpFalcon: ill CAMP YOUR LANE TheSharpFalcon: i beg youy jhin TheSharpFalcon: ill camp TheSharpFalcon: jhin pleaseee TheSharpFalcon: jhin please TheSharpFalcon: jhin is trolling TheSharpFalcon: jhin TheSharpFalcon: go bot TheSharpFalcon: and stop crying TheSharpFalcon: galio TheSharpFalcon: just lane botlane TheSharpFalcon: galiooo TheSharpFalcon: go bot TheSharpFalcon: if jhin is trolling TheSharpFalcon: wp TheSharpFalcon: galio is adc now TheSharpFalcon: jhin just wanted to be a mid laner? TheSharpFalcon: jhin is getting banner TheSharpFalcon: just make sure jhin gets banned TheSharpFalcon: can yall report him pls TheSharpFalcon: ban jhin TheSharpFalcon: wp TheSharpFalcon: are u gonna report him>? TheSharpFalcon: pyke ur not exactly faker, you just pressed r to get fed XSDDDDDD TheSharpFalcon: pyke r'd and thinks hes good xddddd TheSharpFalcon: uncarriable, we dont have an adc TheSharpFalcon: pyke xdddd TheSharpFalcon: pyke int TheSharpFalcon: report galioi too TheSharpFalcon: galio we can win if you play TheSharpFalcon: report galio and pyke TheSharpFalcon: both inted TheSharpFalcon: galio is worse than jhin lol TheSharpFalcon: galio TheSharpFalcon: we can still win TheSharpFalcon: can you try please? TheSharpFalcon: for me bb] TheSharpFalcon: dont play ranked if you cant stand bad teammates TheSharpFalcon: next time just play normals please TheSharpFalcon: jhin too TheSharpFalcon: report galio and jhin Post-Game TheSharpFalcon: no TheSharpFalcon: because he said his support was bad lol TheSharpFalcon: nope TheSharpFalcon: and zyra didnt want to TheSharpFalcon: so he cried all game
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