How do you solo carry as ADC?

Hi, I’m having a problem and I need some advice: At the moment I main ADC and get most of the times 70 to 80 CS in 10 minutes. I out CS my opponent many times. Most of the times, I am ahead in lane and manage to take out the first turret. After that I ward and roam to help other lanes. Here is the problem: I don’t get it when I’m winning lane, but still losing the game. I hear many people telling me that if the player is really skilled enough, Ithey should be able to carry the game as ADC solo. I don’t understand how this is done? First of all, in both ranked and normals, I get most of the time support players who don’t even know how to play support. That makes me have to play really safe and farm up for mid and late game. When the enemy make mistakes, I punish them ofcourse. Second, I deal all the time with feeders on my team who feed the sh#t out of the enemy laner. They just straight up lose repeatedly. At that point, the enemy is fed as f#ck and I can’t do much except running and trying to deal damage in team fights. Most of the time there aren’t even team fights, because my teammates die instantly. All I’m doing is defending the base and pushing the waves, while my teammates keep dying over and over. Then we just lose ofcourse, since our base gets flooded by minions. Pinging is all I do, but 9/10 people just don’t listen and walk into a 2 vs 5 (or also known as “a doomed fight”). I’ve seen countless guides, topics and tips on how to improve as ADC. Most of the advice I apply to my game play and most of the tips and are helping me a lot. I try to apply all of them, even I sometime fail though. Most of the time they work and I can pull them off. But still I keep losing over and over again. So now for my question: How do you solo carry as ADC when your entire team (or atleast 2 lanes) feed/lose? Many thanks in advance. Update: I forgot to mention, I'm in low elo (iron to silver rank).
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