Turk Racism

Hi everyone. I am playing europe west server since 10 months and i was playing one game last night. I have been racist for being Turkish many times before. ( ı am sorry i can t speak English very well.) But last night, Kaisa Because I spoke Turkish in the game, I understood that I was Turk and kaisa had lost the game and swearing to my president. He cursed the Turks. Now my thats enough. No players have been punished despite my repeated reports. There is a reason for the Turks who want to play on the European server. European server hosts more quality players from Turkey servers. So we can improve our game. Why are you uncomfortable? We just want to play games and improve ourselves. Why do you do racism? ı am understand. > _**League of Legends is a game in which racist Europeans are free to swear Turks.******_
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