What is up with all these Premades who dont call stuff?

So I was playing some blindpick, when I met 3 people who just locked in Champions without saying anything. I normally call fill in Normals, and our 5th guy called jungle. They picked {{champion:106}} With exhaust(Theres the reason why I was confused) {{champion:53}} and {{champion:4}} . They never said a word. PLEASE. If you play with Premades, and there are randoms in your team, TELL HIM WHERE YOU PLAY! Nowadays you never know where some champions play! Twisted fate could have played ADC or mid, Blitzcrank could have went everywhere and Voli might have went either top or support. To still play that id have to Pick {{champion:6}} , since that is the only Mid-Top-Adc flexpick I know off right now. All that confusion could have been avoided if you just CALLED YOUR ROLE. -Sincerely, A normal games player.
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