This is unjust and straight up, not fair.

So basically me and my friend were playing a nice and casual round of summoners rift (normal). My friend was playing {{champion:75}} and I was playing {{champion:117}}. The game started and I told kayn to start raptors because it gives you more exp and it is easir to clear as kayn without even needing a leash but then he told me that "I start where i want bronzie" because he was in plat. Anyways, the game carried on and I had the most kills on our team so I said "The lulu carry" and he and Zed told me that i am just stealing kills and that i am not carrying whcih me and my adc procceeded to deny as the adc was setting up the kills for me on purpose. Furthermore, kayn was on purpose not ganking top or bot only mid because him and zed where in a premade and they started with insuting us in different languages and looking down upon us, but because we won the game I thought to myself "What happened does not really matter seen as though we won the game" - so I added zed and kayn as friends and they bot sent me dm'.... (i closed the dm with kayn but i still have the messages with zed right here) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Him: "Hey, ur friend get banned?" Me: yes, did you report him? Him: "wh? nasus?" Me: yes xD Him: "ofc i did, piece of shit nasus" Me: lmao come on we did not report you two Him: "we dont care, its like since s4 we do like this" Him: "Riot cant do shit to us" Him: "We play since s3, got back s6" Him: "Trolling and insult ppl, our accounts are worth a lot so, so they dont even get us restricted chat" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I even have screenshots to back up that they actually said that. I really do not get why you had to ban my friend for 14 days on his main account after putting that much money and effort into the game. Everyone gets frustrated sometimes and we also decided not to report them and just leave them but my friend still got that instant feedback and now i am worried that i might get that aswell even tho i get honoured a lot and always make sure to show my sportmanlike behaviour.
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