hackers and flamers?

I just played one 3v3 twisted treeline (blind pick) and my team had this LB and Nunu nunu was Platinum II , and i said why he did go jungle since enemy team had no jungler then he started to flame at me and start say that i am noob and i suck well i told him that he is boosted for sure and i meant to say is he dumb but i said ''dm'' as dumb because miss spell after game he says to me gl ban and well i got chat restriction from 1 game when i didnt even flame im 19 lvl and first time i argue with someone just because he is platinum means he wont get punished and i get? ok... i feel like abuse is hard on euw i havent flamed before if someone comes here to saythat ''punishments wont come from 1 time'' i will post the chatlogs soon!

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