Player Punishment for Champ Select Harassment

I just got bullied out of a ranked game. I got mid. The Player that was selected Support just typed 2 times "Mid. Mid." And thought he could go mid. I just picked my AP Mid laner so it was pretty clear that I wont swap the role. He starts insulting me with the whole package. "N...." "Kill yourself in real life." "I'm gonna duo feed your lane" I reported players like this to the player support before with lobby chat photos, and they couldn't care less. I reported a DUO, that intentionally fed games because they didn't get the roles they demanded, with things like Eve Support and from the match history (with Mobility Boots) it was very clear that they were doing this on purpose. I don't understand why people are allowed to get away with multiple games where they act like complete assholes. [](
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