Chat Bans are a joke

This is the Chatlog for me being chat banned > Game 1 > Arachnid XIII: LeeQ too scary > Arachnid XIII: muted > Arachnid XIII: reported > Arachnid XIII: ty > Arachnid XIII: report kaisa, blaming me and abusive > Arachnid XIII: this adc... > Arachnid XIII: nothing i can do, the adc refuses to fightm, move, dodge > Arachnid XIII: report her please, shes trolling > Arachnid XIII: she blamed me for her 1st 2 deaths, ive got her muted now, that was probably my fault too thou > Arachnid XIII: for what ?? her running into them solo > Arachnid XIII: no troll > Arachnid XIII: no flame > Arachnid XIII: no offense > Arachnid XIII: ive asked ehr to be reported cuse she is troling > Arachnid XIII: zil and kas premade it seems, now zil is reporting me for being offensive and trolling XD > Arachnid XIII: muted > Arachnid XIII: reported > Arachnid XIII: tell me, what are you reporting me for ?? im not doing anything wrong > Arachnid XIII: im not being negative > Arachnid XIII: im asking for a report > Arachnid XIII: by that logic, your negative > Arachnid XIII: do we report you for negative too as you want people reported too > Arachnid XIII: report me for what ?? i just killed kled > Arachnid XIII: not being toxic at all, all ive done is ask to get the troll adc reported > Arachnid XIII: i am playing, i killed kl;ed > Arachnid XIII: stop blaming me then > Arachnid XIII: yes lee, keep spam pinging, and suiciding ty > Arachnid XIII: muted > Arachnid XIII: rpoerted > Arachnid XIII: :( > Arachnid XIII: ty shen :* > Arachnid XIII: shen, <3 your honoured btw > I have not been Abusive, Toxic, Verbal, NEgative or Anything. I simply informed my Flaming team mates that i was Muting them, Reporting tham and saying thank you too them. > Ansd also asking the enmy team to report them after the game because i was being abused. My ADC would Solo dive into the enemy team, while iw as in another lane or base, or Low ad die. then blame me for her deaths. The Midlane and Juingler (one was premade, other was very verbal and abusive of everyone) also gave me grief for no reason at all. Ye i have recieved a 25 game chat ban for no reason The 1st LeeQ Too Scary was because we invaded, lee landed a Q and the enemy taric Insta Flashed. Then my ADC started blaming me in lane, because she would get caught by the taric stun because she refused to try dodge it. im sorry but im not going to be told i suck and to go AFK and told im playing terrible because my Lane partner gets caught by a skill i have zero control over The ADC then refused to even try do anything, and would just sit in lane, autoattacking like a Beginner Bot and Still blaming me (was told this after the game by the shen and enemy team) i was also being accused of being AFK and Trolling, yet i was either defending a tower from a split pushing top / jungle or i was warding objectives / clearing wards from objectives. I was not being hostile, abusive or negative. yet my team consitantly berated me and was abusive towards me (although my game play was perfectly fine, and i was working with the team) So can i please get an explinationas to why being the target of Verbal Abuse and Negative Attitude warrents me getting a 25 game chat ban ??
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