Why is EUW so full of flame?

Like, literally, EVERY SINGLE GAME, someone is flaming, enemies, my own teammates, me. I just don't get how is it possible to play in an atmosphere of hatred towards each other. Every other game someone is feeding on purpose, other people start flashing/healing/tping/ulting just because of it, blaming everyone around but himself. Game is SO TOXIC, that it's literally disgusting to play it. Developers don't do anything, just ban asap, they don't pushing feeding or trolling, but ban asap on the sum of reports. Normal games aren't the answer either, it's filled with instalocking MID MID MID TOP kids, and every game you have to support these imbeciles. But it's not like they can play either, every game we see the same champs: riven, camille, yasuo, zed, lb, kat, bot is filled with malz/ziggs retarded wannabes. League is simply too disgusting to play in it's current state. And riot doesn't care about it, too busy counting money from endless skin releases, I guess.

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