Easy Matchmaking Fix

1. Remove autofill, faster queue times are not worth it. People who wanna rank up will wait, people who wanna have fun will play normals where autofill can exist. 2. Remove duoQ from SoloQ Ranked. We have flex and normals. 3. In every Match created, balance MMR based on Lanes not on total Teams. Meaning, the system doesnt try to match 1000elo vs 1000elo, but goes in specific and tries to match EACH lane with a MMR difference of max 100elo. Thus each lane is a fair matchup. Obviously the total MMR difference must also be within 200Elo capped. 4. Find a solution to ADC/supports. This one is the hardest. ADCs are too strong with good supports and too bad with a bad one. The reliance and no agency is terrible for both. Its more so for adcs tho. Why? Because everyone is focusing the adc. The support doesnt have to farm, he doesnt even have to lane with the adc. He can support anyone he wants and roam. He also has more freedom in picks and more often than not trollpicks into bad matchups and leaves the adc to die. This leads to extreme terrible snowball botlanes and lose the games for many soloQ players that are not botlane.
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