14 Day suspension for... Nothing?

Alright, so i got a 14 day suspension, and im confused as to why. One of the linked chat logs literally contains 0 toxicity, like wtf. Another one i got reported for inting when i didnt even have the most deaths. Please riot, unban my account. Do you seriously consider these worth a 14-day ban? Game 1 Rhymàr: idk why they flaming me Rhymàr: love community Rhymàr: 0/2? Rhymàr: idk how 0/2 is inting Rhymàr: u wont win promo Rhymàr: shouldnt have ban my champ Rhymàr: i will afk farm all game Rhymàr: dont main him xd Rhymàr: whatever dude Rhymàr: just enjoy the loss Rhymàr: and dont ban peoples champs intentionally in the future Rhymàr: im in my promos btw Rhymàr: but i can win the next one easy Rhymàr: so i dont need this Rhymàr: doesnt matter if i lose this one Rhymàr: 0/3 ...? Rhymàr: this community lol Rhymàr: so toxic Rhymàr: this ez is just better than me Rhymàr: :) Rhymàr: if my own %%%%%% team didnt ban my champ we would win easy Rhymàr: ? Rhymàr: almost as much as you Rhymàr: only died 4 times to him Rhymàr: LOL Rhymàr: i am having a bad game Rhymàr: :/ Rhymàr: im not inting Rhymàr: im not running it down mid Rhymàr: not really Rhymàr: me and shaco have the same deaths Rhymàr: yes Rhymàr: I've seen a 1/12 malzahar Rhymàr: In my game Rhymàr: once Rhymàr: People have bad games dude Rhymàr: riot wont care Rhymàr: "oh this lucian reported a guy with 1 more death than him, how salty" Rhymàr: But im not inting Rhymàr: xd Rhymàr: hes better then me Rhymàr: solo kills happen Rhymàr: as your score shows Rhymàr: shaco inting gg Rhymàr: kid Rhymàr: gg Alright so this is a joke. I was simply not doing too well, and i got flamed by everyone. Why? I said near the start that i'll afk farm all game. Maybe they misunderstood, but i meant as a way to catch up. Now people are saying that i main yasuo, when i dont if you check my profile, i main rengar. I say enjoy the loss, which i admit to be toxic, but we were 22-6 and people still thought we could win... I told them that if you ban someone's champion (intentionally, at that) of course they will do bad because they are less experienced on the one they have to play now. Then my team starts to flame even more saying how they hope i get demoted to bronze 5, get cancer etc (btw idk how the people wishing cancer upon my whole family didnt get banned). I say how the enemy ezreal just outplayed me, and im actually trying to win. Game 2 Rhymàr: bad matchup for me Rhymàr: ? Rhymàr: why... Rhymàr: im the noob? Rhymàr: u just went and fed for no reason, not me Rhymàr: look yours Rhymàr: compared to jax Rhymàr: 23 farm shaco Rhymàr: shaco is a counter jungler Rhymàr: ty bot Rhymàr: 1/2 Rhymàr: and u just fed fizz Rhymàr: scroll up Rhymàr: somehow its my fault fizz 6/2 when i had 2 deaths Rhymàr: they dont deserve win Rhymàr: idc Rhymàr: NICE SS BOT!! Rhymàr: NICE SS Rhymàr: GJ TARDS Rhymàr: NICE SS Rhymàr: GOOS SS Rhymàr: LIKE THE SS Rhymàr: BEST SS Rhymàr: open mid Rhymàr: the only one who played well I barely said anything here, so it should be quick. Jungler starts flaming me early on, so i point out that he isnt doing so great either. Then they say i fed fizz, when i gave him 2/6 of the kills he had. I say to my teammates "they dont deserve win" to try and point out they havent really done much but they're winning. Our bot said similar things to me about fizz as the stuff i said in all caps, which was to imitate what they said to me. But no, they didnt get banned. I said open mid when we were all dead and had an open nexus. Wow. Game 3 Rhymàr: report trundle Rhymàr: int Rhymàr: report yasuo for troll pick Rhymàr: why did u ward hop tho Rhymàr: your lee playstyle is rly weird and it threw me off Rhymàr: fervor isnt good? Rhymàr: gj blitz Rhymàr: wait blitz has 3 kills Rhymàr: lol Rhymàr: np man Rhymàr: ^^ Rhymàr: im not so good xD Rhymàr: come dudes Rhymàr: blit save knock Rhymàr: report me Rhymàr: failed raptor wall dash 5 times Rhymàr: muted Rhymàr: why flame cus they got a drake Rhymàr: LOL Rhymàr: you should focus on not inting Rhymàr: 2/7 Rhymàr: excuses Rhymàr: 2/7 Rhymàr: this lee is so lucky Rhymàr: couldnt hit him when hes behind baron Rhymàr: also i missed nado Rhymàr: im dead Rhymàr: 4v5 Rhymàr: im tilted by this afk Rhymàr: ofc im gonna make mistake Rhymàr: i didnt flame Rhymàr: xd Rhymàr: but all yas mains are noobs ;) Rhymàr: see Rhymàr: LOL Rhymàr: alright im gonna focus now Rhymàr: tryhard mode Rhymàr: megalovania just started playing in my music playlist Rhymàr: :) Rhymàr: how did u lose that much hp by krugs Rhymàr: why are u even at krugs Rhymàr: fk u trist xD Rhymàr: i helpd Rhymàr: throwthrowthrow your game Rhymàr: gently down mid! Rhymàr: nvm Rhymàr: gg Alright this one is a JOKE! NOTHING i said here was toxic, and i was just being friendly with my team. Alright, so there was no trundle in the game, so the first msg was a joke. I WAS THE YASUO, so i said report myself for troll pick, again a joke. The enemy lee outplayed me, so i said something to him. I said gj to the blitz, then realised he has 3 kills, to which he said "im sorry", to which i replied np man. I failed the E through wall from raptors 5 times and my mid died, so i said to report me as a joke (obviously took it literally huh). Our irelia keeps pointing out my score, even though hers was worse than mine. Lee cheesed me by hiding behind baron so i couldnt click him. Our blitz temporarily dc'd, which is the only point in the game where i was semi-serious. I didn't know if he'd come back, so i was kinda tilted and made a stupid mistake. I made a joke about yas main stereotypes (remember i am the yasuo). I say how im actually gonna try and end the game now since they might catch up. I make a joke about brand taking krugs, trist steals my kill so i jokingly say fk you (she said xD back so i know she took it as a joke). I make another stupid mistake and say a parody of the "row row row your boat" nursery rhyme as a joke. Alright, so i know this is kinda toxic, and i can see how some of the things i said are bad and how they could be misunderstood. However, what i dont get is that... WHY a 14-day suspension? Why not just a chat restriction? Is this worthy of a 14 day chat restriction? Like come on the 3rd game was literally just a joke! Sigh. Riot, please just change this to a chat restriction or something, this is definitely not deserved.
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