Explain the reasoning of this Smurfing excuse

So, I had a game yesterday where my mid-laner picked Tristana vs Twisted Fate, Tristana rushed boots, and lost hard to twisted fate in both CS and Score overall, Later at min 20 Twisted fate was 250 CS while tristana 90. 1. TrIstana(1/9 [AS Boots + BF Sword, At the end of the game she finally got IE]) kept complaining about Twisted Fate(Full AS AD) being a Smurf, despite me telling her and the team to buy Armor. 2. I told her that the reason for her loss was starting Boots and dealing no damage at all to anything. 3. Twisted Fate replies by "Don't blame her, She played versus a Challenger smurf". 4. I replied "then why would mr challenger play a smurf and not on his main account?". 5. Twisted Fate replied by **"ask riot, I gain 11 LP and lose 18 LP"**. what the %%%% is that** +11/-19**? I only %%%%people gaining this negative LP ration by being the worst of their division, Hell I myself has a ration of **+18/-19** and sometimes **+17/-20**, So explain to me the reasoning. Edit: Clearly asking about something gives you a negative votes, these days.
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