new way to avoid getting banned and win games fast. 100% working

> **JUST DONT CHAT ! ** _NO FLAME NO TALKS ONLY PING IF NEEDED DONT PRESS THAT ENTER BUTTON OR SHIFT +ENTER MUTE THE CHATS _ _doing this will defenitly help u climb up in low elos and last of all DONT GIVE A F*** {{champion:157}} cos flaming and toxic replies just is bad for ur mind and body . even if u loose or win put a gg at the end of the game if u hav a bad day playing just mute the audio of ur pc and try playing this will help u get more concentration (true story) if u have a troller (obviously u will have) just go with him let him take hits and die while u try to kill the opponet xd . anyway he will troll then atleast his death will help u get a kill (i am soo evil ikr ){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} _
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