I have been permanently banned for being passive aggressive in chat.

I wrote passive aggressive so I could tilt the enemy team, which it worked, but yet I got banned off of one game. I wasn't super toxic didn't wish anyone something bad. Some things I wrote might be negative but then the half of the community has to get banned. https://imgur.com/a/jl6sQ Game 1 TILTED2TRICKPONY: how to even invade there TILTED2TRICKPONY: bc will go bot TILTED2TRICKPONY: its ululele TILTED2TRICKPONY: k TILTED2TRICKPONY: bronze calls TILTED2TRICKPONY: thx alot TILTED2TRICKPONY: top ionvad TILTED2TRICKPONY: whg TILTED2TRICKPONY: who does that TILTED2TRICKPONY: all muted gl hf TILTED2TRICKPONY: thy TILTED2TRICKPONY: a lot TILTED2TRICKPONY: and the better mid laner TILTED2TRICKPONY: in the end wins TILTED2TRICKPONY: and the bad jungler just wastes his time TILTED2TRICKPONY: tjhy TILTED2TRICKPONY: i pinged u back TILTED2TRICKPONY: why u come? TILTED2TRICKPONY: np im used to carrying likes of u TILTED2TRICKPONY: actually i am :) TILTED2TRICKPONY: sry peep TILTED2TRICKPONY: but cant else TILTED2TRICKPONY: no i just wanna die TILTED2TRICKPONY: xd TILTED2TRICKPONY: and the better tema TILTED2TRICKPONY: wins TILTED2TRICKPONY: if i cant handle mid ill never handle top TILTED2TRICKPONY: just need some farm TILTED2TRICKPONY: was handicapped TILTED2TRICKPONY: just once TILTED2TRICKPONY: ill show u who does TILTED2TRICKPONY: we just handicapped us TILTED2TRICKPONY: just to show u TILTED2TRICKPONY: how easy this game is TILTED2TRICKPONY: yeah TILTED2TRICKPONY: no cuase u simply TILTED2TRICKPONY: bad TILTED2TRICKPONY: free kill mkid TILTED2TRICKPONY: aand free tower mid TILTED2TRICKPONY: let kata carry TILTED2TRICKPONY: xd TILTED2TRICKPONY: xdddd TILTED2TRICKPONY: get TILTED2TRICKPONY: s h i t o n TILTED2TRICKPONY: sick fotm TILTED2TRICKPONY: i tilt them hard bois TILTED2TRICKPONY: keep going we got this TILTED2TRICKPONY: no wp 4 me? TILTED2TRICKPONY: lmao TILTED2TRICKPONY: 20 TILTED2TRICKPONY: 2-0 TILTED2TRICKPONY: easy TILTED2TRICKPONY: tower TILTED2TRICKPONY: easy brn TILTED2TRICKPONY: we have kali TILTED2TRICKPONY: MATE TILTED2TRICKPONY: REMOVE THE WARD TILTED2TRICKPONY: as usual TILTED2TRICKPONY: die then TILTED2TRICKPONY: u could nbaron TILTED2TRICKPONY: then u should not have picked ur champs dude TILTED2TRICKPONY: :) TILTED2TRICKPONY: not even a single wards on river TILTED2TRICKPONY: our jungle perma cleared TILTED2TRICKPONY: idk TILTED2TRICKPONY: xd TILTED2TRICKPONY: even with TILTED2TRICKPONY: with handicap TILTED2TRICKPONY: #bauit TILTED2TRICKPONY: bait TILTED2TRICKPONY: bc will come TILTED2TRICKPONY: COME TILTED2TRICKPONY: bc will come TILTED2TRICKPONY: xd TILTED2TRICKPONY: so he can use ult to feed faster TILTED2TRICKPONY: we need the handicap TILTED2TRICKPONY: ok TILTED2TRICKPONY: by going drake TILTED2TRICKPONY: xdd TILTED2TRICKPONY: when they brn TILTED2TRICKPONY: i cant hiut skills cause no frontline no dmg nothjing TILTED2TRICKPONY: not even worth of twitch jungle Can some rioter tell me what is going on? It was just one game. I wasn't super toxic nor racist. Just maybe tilted a bit from our invade but yet I am banned off of 1 game
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