It's Everyday Bro...

Ok it's time for Rito to face the fact that both their matchmaking system and their punishing system are broken and clearly don't work. It is impossible in an environment that fairly punishes and sorts people around, to get trolls and afkers EVERY ! SINGLE ! %%%%ING ! DAY ! at least half of the time. At this point we would think they would've done something. But everything they do seems to be counterproductive. Look how many pro players are also complaining about the state of the game. Literally nobody is happy. The only people who are having fun are the trolls cuz nobody can't do shit about them. Meanwhile Rito is trying to promote Worlds. Nobody gives a %%%% about your worlds while the game is utter shit. We need some solution for this. I've been playing since season 2. This has never been this bad, so toxic and unbelievably frustrating. I'm sorry that I'm ranting but I just don't know what to do anymore. Climbing is completely random and at the mercy of the trolls, either on my team or on the enemy. I can't remember the last time I had a good close solid game. Playing well is no longer relevant cuz one troll or an afk could ruin your entire game. Which has a snowball effect on your subsequent games.
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