Perma-banned for occasional verbal abuse

Like the vast majority of players I sometimes tilt and/or someone on my team, such as the jungler will gank when I didn't ask and feed, putting me behind and I lash out verbally. You would be a complete compulsive liar if you were to say this never happens to you. In the last game before my account was banned I said in /all chat "I'm begging you to report this Leona, she doesnt go with team and feeds", she was 0/14. I also said in team chat "I can't wait to get out of this cancer elo". I don't have much money at all and what little I have spare has been spent on this game, and that's only been in the last couple of weeks. I am essentially having the huge amount of time and money devoted to this game stolen from me because I've flamed no more than the average player. This is outrageous.
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