Pedophiles and sick people allowed to roam free.

So I just played a game against a guy named [redacted]. The second we got into game I told him he will be instantly reported about that nickname. What proceeded to follow was something you should instantly look into, because it didn't surprise me he was playing Yasuo, flaming the whole game and being 0-6, but when we got out of game, he said I'll just make another account [redacted] becase and I %%%%ing quote "THIS IS WHAT I DO". I do not have a screenshot of the end of the game chat, but you should be able to access it. I'm simply posting here, because it's the fastest way to report and I hope immediate action will be taken. If nothing is done I'll start submitting tickets and will spam every single board about how pedophiles and molesters are protected in this community. This is downright sick and any lack of action against this is immoral and damaging to the reputation of your company. Do your jobs.
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