Letting my anger out.

Don't freaking saying "Ah shit I lose my internet all game" only to start complaining on your god damn teammates when you finally got it back. We freaking did our freaking best 4vs5. If you come back to the game when we are like 3/7, then complains that we've been feeding and that it's our fault we are losing. Then shut up yewr twak. Also Freaking stop judging me when I take kills away from you. Like Legit You may have 11 freaking assists on Lucian, but those 11 assists are from a Pyke Ultimate. Just shut up and accept that your KDA ain't mattering for crap. I freaking cannot stand these players. ARRRGHHHH! *HEADSLAMS* {{sticker:sg-shisa}} I got anger issues. Ignore me.

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