Am I rightfully banned?

My main account got banned awhile ago, since that I can't see the previous rank boarder (gold), and my honor level dropped to like level 0. Meanwhile the ban, I made this account "NutzKicka". On this account I liked to train champions I didn't play before, so I have many games with Lee Sin. Because this is a fresh account I saw opportunities to get a new ranked level and honor level, I have trained this account up from level 1 to 32. In a game I played with a guy, who was so toxic he told me things like to "kill myself"and "that my family dies in a crash" and more stuff like that, for like 3 minutes straight, I reported him. I did not get a message for an assist on an ban. Weeks later; I played Lee Sin in a game against heavy AP damage. The Blitzcrank in our team said that he was a bronze player and he said that he plays bad. Me Lee sin actually has to snowball and profit from early game to be strong late game or he can't really make impact in the match. This Blitzcrank which is a support is supposed to build Magic Resist to tank for our team and let us win the match, also for me to take kills and get stronger. This he didn't do, he build AP himself and taking the kills, which he then called me out for my negative KDA. I got frustrated and said things like: "Stfu bblitz" and "ur build is sshit blitz". The Nidalee player on the enemy team destroyed me in the Jungle game, she actually played like an High Elo player, so I thought she was smurfing. She played really on a high level, mechanically, and she knew advanced Jungle pathing and how to gank, counter-play and how far she could go with the champion. This was certainly not a new player. Even though that, in a low elo game you are not going to get the help from your teammates, like you expectate, as in a gold or above game. I know that, and I didn't get tilted for losing against a Nidalee that outplayed me one on one. This Blitzcrank kept aggravating me, and I said things like (..) well I'll post the chat log. Ofcourse you can't see what Blitzcrank typed but whatever. Here is the chat log of the game. Game 1 In-Game NutzKicka: leash me NutzKicka: phw NutzKicka: buy mercurys NutzKicka: g zoe NutzKicka: get drake NutzKicka: she is smurfing NutzKicka: buy mr = we win NutzKicka: lmao NutzKicka: yea ff this NutzKicka: lol stfu bblitz NutzKicka: she is smurfing idiot NutzKicka: look my previous games NutzKicka: yea she is NutzKicka: ur bronze stfu NutzKicka: no ur not NutzKicka: Look my previous games Kda blitz NutzKicka: blitzy NutzKicka: idk NutzKicka: what is that build blitz NutzKicka: nidalee what elo are u? NutzKicka: look i ask nidalee i say she is smurfing NutzKicka: she is NutzKicka: look my previous games fter this match blitz NutzKicka: stop talking trash NutzKicka: ur build is sshit blitz NutzKicka: bye NutzKicka: the mouse escaped NutzKicka: they're doing baron NutzKicka: HAHAHAAH NutzKicka: good baron* NutzKicka: no shut up Now, this is a 14 day ban. And I lost my honor level - and my ranking boarder, if I would get one. After this ban I have quit League, because players who are really toxic are still playing games, and I get banned for 14 days. I don't even get chat-restricted or warned. No, straight up 14 days ban. I see streamers using more vulgar language, and nothing happens. Normally I am really calm in matches, I give honors to people that deserve, I emote thumbs up to keep the good vibes up. I never flame anybody. I tell people I love them - in a friendly way. Can I get my account reset from the ban, or something or do you think this is well deserved? Greets, yours truly, NutzKicka
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