The game is literally unplayable right now in normals you always get the Aurelion Sol support or Yummi top and in ranked just toxic inters and trolls EVERY SINGLE DAY, I have been sending tickets on a daily basis to be honest I wonder if riot is doing anything at all, it's sad how you say 3 letters in chat and you're perma banned never being able to recover your account but you can int and troll as long as you pretend to be wood V nothing is going to happen sometimes they don't even hide it, they lose lane go instafeed mode in every other lane. How is this allowed so much, i guarantee you there are plenty of ways of preventing this even for a "small indie company" like riot, there is the old tribunal and the overwatch system from CSGO where players can watch reported player's games and judge it, there is just no will on the part of Riot to stop this it seems and it's sad because I love this game but this shows how much Riot doesn't care at all about the community anymore as long as we keep buying skins.
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