Permanently Banned

_So I get banned due to 1 single game where I was "toxic" here is the story how it happened..._ So I decided to play a "few" games today and I enter Blind Pick and pick Yasuo ( If you can keep your Yasuo jokes for yourselves I would be happy) My team: Teemo - Lee - Yasuo(Me) - Kalista - Pyke Enemy team: Lucian - Rengar - Yasuo(Hasaki) - Draven - Annie Game starts* 0:54: Enemy Yasuo: "yas come mid... hehe i will teach u" 3:47: I Kill him taking First Blood He returns to lane - I dash like an idiot and die due to that mistake Enemy Yasuo* Flashes Mastery 7 After that I kill him 2 more times / he is now 1/3 while I'm 3/1 Meanwhile my bot* Kalista 0/2, Pyke 0/1 Yasuo goes bot and stays there for 3-4 minutes after 7-8 minutes of the game: I'm 3/2 and enemy Yasuo is 5/3 - Kalista's score is* 0/7 We are both at mid with Yasuo I have Phantom Dancer and Berserker's Greaves he has the same Items as me but also a Frozen Mallet We start 1v1 and despite having 1 less Item ( the difference is 30 AD and 700 health I think) I kill him I lose my temper and say that we will lose because of Kalista("classic yasuo hehe xd lol keke..."/helping you save time so you don't have to comment with this* thank me later) Enemy Yasuo says that we will lose game because we "suck" ofc I tell him that he is an even bigger noob since he lost lane against someone that "suUcks" He replies with: " I lost hahaha? you okay? hahaha :D I didn't lost" / died and gave first blood - killed me once - died 2 more times and left lane / The game is like this till the end where I'm tilted and I don't even know why am I trying to prove myself right since he is just bragging how he is better and dying to me in 1v1's or in team fights: The End Results: Enemy team: Lucian: 3/12/6 185cs 12.1k gold, Yasuo: 10/11/10 215cs 16.0k gold, Annie: 13/9/19 86cs 17.6k gold, Draven 11/10/13 177cs, 16.2k gold Rengar: 10/10/6 151cs 13.6k gold My team: Pyke: 9/13/13 48cs 12.0k gold, Yasuo(Me): 17/9/12 260cs 19.5k gold, Teemo: 8/8/11 211cs 14.0k gold, Lee Sin: 12/6/9 198cs 16.6k gold Kalista: 6/11/13 129cs 11.1k gold ( 36min game btw) They win game and Yasuo immediately flashes Mastery 7 and types gg ez mid in chat / he is platinum 4, i'm gold 4 btw / The only thing I suppose said by me which was toxic I think is: "u suck", " I don't know why I have to play with you Kalista" so can anyone tell me: Do you think the ban was well deserved ?
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