Somewhat controversial(?) - Leaving extremely toxic games

To kick things off, I can imagine what most of you are thinking right now. - "What a lightweight." - "Don't play league if you can't handle toxicity." - "That's just how league is." But let's be honest for a moment. Why do (most) of you play games? For fun. If you don't play games for fun, I hope you're getting paid enough to make up for it. Some of the games I've recently had were the most toxic games of my entire time playing this game (playing since season 3). And with that I began to think "why am I dragging myself through these aggravating 25-35 minutes I could spend that time doing something actually relaxing." I know the mute button exists. I know you can mute pings. I know all of that. But what you can't ignore is 3 of your people standing around beneath their turret because they're spending more time chatting than actually playing the game (this is diamond elo, remind you). You don't need to read chat to know that they're going nuts typing. When I was younger I said to myself - "you can handle this." - "don't surrender (or leave), you can still learn from this game." So I'm asking you, especially those who are already out of school and just scrape up as much free time as they can get. How do you handle situations like these? I'm unsure and honestly almost at the point of not giving a damn anymore. On the other hand: I love this game. I wish it'd be different. cheers guys, Encrux
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