Match making, Player's behavior and etc.

First things first that I want to mention, is that ranked this season is SHIT! Yeah, shit, you heard that, pure COIN FLIP! No matter how hard you tried and no matter what you do, it's all about are you going to get troll team or not! Then, two things are the reason for that, first one is that your "team mate" is intentionally trolling for some reason, usually after they get autofilled and the second one is your RIDICULOUS, SHITTY, STUPID, HORRIBLE AND NONSENSE match making. But I want to point out that "FAIR" match making. You guys are fooling us around with that crap. It has become completely normal that you get a player whole tier below yours and it's NOT because of MMR, cause that 1 whole tier below player is not on some insane winning streak to get to your game, no it's just a regular player in his silver elo and somehow got into the one whole tier higher game. Also level 30 player - still unranked somehow get to high Gold games. I heard so many times from Rito support about MMR bullshit. STOP THINKING THAT YOUR COMMUNITY IS THAT STUPID, AFTER ALL THIS TIME WE KNOW HOW MMR WORKS AND WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL US, DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!! I got chat ban??? For being toxic?? Yeah, you are right, I was toxic, but my mistake is that I was toxic to those boosted players because of your shit match making, my mistake is cause I should be toxic to YOU! Yeah, to you! WHOLE COMMUNITY SHOULD BE TOXIC TO YOU! These are the basic things for a game to function normally. Fix that first and then try to sell us your stupid skins and shit! I gave you so much money, and I ain't give a shit anymore until you fix basic things. Group of arrogant %%%% faces who think that your game is so important. I dont give a %%%% anymore!
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