Shit report system

riot is a shit company with a shit policy, and its ruining the game. > Game 1 > In-Game > Feedelsticks: ?? > Feedelsticks: buddy what > Feedelsticks: why u walk into that?=p > Feedelsticks: rofl > Feedelsticks: just dont fkin play so god damn bad > Feedelsticks: ? > Feedelsticks: ooooomg > Feedelsticks: why do nerd kids que adcarry when they arent able to carry anything > Feedelsticks: no you couldnt > Feedelsticks: but? > Feedelsticks: urgot you moron have you seen the fkin adc i have or > Feedelsticks: i couldnt care elss if you have been blind all game > Feedelsticks: ez you are 100% useless all game > Feedelsticks: what are you on about > Feedelsticks: i didnt play better than adc? > Feedelsticks: the adc that literally walked ontop of botlane and fed them? > Feedelsticks: are you fkin autistic? > Feedelsticks: then you have no clue > Feedelsticks: you have 0 vision then > Feedelsticks: didnt see anything > Feedelsticks: have no valid oppinion > Feedelsticks: i guess > Feedelsticks: kek > Feedelsticks: im toxic > Feedelsticks: cus you blame me > Feedelsticks: for something i cant do anything with > Feedelsticks: so what > Feedelsticks: he already started feeding them for no reason at alll > Feedelsticks: literally fkin > Feedelsticks: walking ontop of 2 people > Feedelsticks: with 20% > Feedelsticks: i fed the most? > Feedelsticks: so it didnt matter what actually happened? > Feedelsticks: you can read stats > Feedelsticks: but thats ur limit? > Feedelsticks: thats as far as ur knowledge goes? > Feedelsticks: "boosted " > Feedelsticks: people that think this is somewhere you get "boosted" to > Feedelsticks: are hilarious > Feedelsticks: yeah i guess you found that out now > Feedelsticks: huh > Feedelsticks: im literally playing with people who cant even communicate without sounding like they got dropped on their head > Feedelsticks: go back and hide in silver > Feedelsticks: 1/11 ez jungle and a adc that couldnt get past tutorial > Post-Game > Feedelsticks: 1/11 ez jungle and a adc that wouldnt get past the fkin tutorial .. telling me im trolling =D > Feedelsticks: rofl nabs > Game 2 > In-Game > Feedelsticks: yes camp that zed, top is waaaay too long lane for him > Feedelsticks: holy > Feedelsticks: im getting so camped > Feedelsticks: can you maybe play around mid a little > Feedelsticks: since kha is > Feedelsticks: pleb karthus > Feedelsticks: i cant > Feedelsticks: since you fked me over mdi > Feedelsticks: ok silver9000 jungle > Feedelsticks: go get oneshot by kha again > Feedelsticks: dont take me literally, rofl > Feedelsticks: idiot :P > Feedelsticks: hi im karthus jungle, im helping > Feedelsticks: xDDD > Feedelsticks: kek > Feedelsticks: better jungle wins i guess > Feedelsticks: ur so bad karthus stfu > Feedelsticks: fed* > Feedelsticks: np kaisa =) > Feedelsticks: cry some karthus > Feedelsticks: let it all out > Feedelsticks: keep crying karthus, get it out all out yo system xD > Feedelsticks: rofl, he is literally lying =D i couldnt care less about this babyrage karthus > Feedelsticks: you know his flaming me for everything i do =DDDDD roooofl sadboy > Feedelsticks: sad sad sad > Feedelsticks: rip > Feedelsticks: cried all game this karthus =D > Feedelsticks: rofl > Feedelsticks: ur garbage karthus > Feedelsticks: fk off > Feedelsticks: silverplayer > Post-Game > Feedelsticks: trash karthus babyrage from start to finish :D > Feedelsticks: all up in chat like a truesilver > Game 3 > In-Game > Feedelsticks: if you wanna go lane > Feedelsticks: im fine with elas > Feedelsticks: thanks > Feedelsticks: wow > Feedelsticks: seriously top > Feedelsticks: im coming please > Feedelsticks: dont > Feedelsticks: fight > Feedelsticks: omfg > Feedelsticks: omfg > Feedelsticks: omfg > Feedelsticks: can you stop feeding > Feedelsticks: why is this gnar 100% inting > Feedelsticks: rofl > Feedelsticks: 9x our inter gnar > Feedelsticks: HOW > Feedelsticks: CAN YOU STILL BE INTING > Feedelsticks: ur 0/8 now can you stop walking ontop of darius > Feedelsticks: how fkin autistic can one person be > Feedelsticks: like holy shit > Feedelsticks: just fkin dont int and we win > Feedelsticks: legit worst player ive ever seen > Feedelsticks: ww r > Feedelsticks: all the garbage human being had to do was not to int hard af > Feedelsticks: when 1 player is so bad he just ruins the whole game :S > Feedelsticks: fun tymes > Post-Game > Feedelsticks: dear god 9x this trash inter > Feedelsticks: stop existing, gnar =D > Why am i getting banned for this? 1/20 gnar inting, LITERALLY FKIN INTING ALL GAME 1/11 ez jungle, LITERALLY FKIN INTING 1/18 karthus LITERALLY FKIN INTING ALL GAME i get BANNED for fkin having a normal human reaction to this fkin bullshit? and instead of doing anything with the actualy problem, banning inters, and passive agressive trollers, you fkin blindly run it thru ur fkin garbage filter, and ban me, and a bunch of other people that actually dont deserve it. %%%% riot for being such shitbag company with such a fkin autistic report system.
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