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I created an account and I'm lvl 24. Now I've 20 games restriction chat from my recent in-game behavior. I'm playing with a all premade team. They decided to ban my jungler fiddle. Then I asked why, no answer. I picked Xin and they did ban it too. I go with Cho. I play very bad with him. Team blames me for game going bad, when I gank they don't engage and proceed to harass. Before I mute them, I reply to them, nothing wrong or offensive, since they start ask enemy team to report me. They call me autistic and that I should get cancer. After end game, I report them, same old hate speech in chat. Enemy asked to report Shen, I say i won't do it since he doesn't do anything wrong. Guy says: Then i will report you. Now i've chat restriction thanks to all that. This is so unfair. I bet those guys keep doing what they want, hate speech, verbal abuse, toxic attitude towards other players but because they are premades they can give people massive reports and it seems that's all counts in this game. I've also notice that after I reach lvl 20 people become very agressive with words. Just because you are not lvl 30, since you get to play with other people far superior in terms of level, they use hate speech remarks even in champion pick. I'd really like some advice from more experience people in this community towards this subject. Cheers.
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