Let's make fair punishments

Hey guys, I don't understand one thing. Why are players that griefing in game and players that are flaming others going to be punished in the same way? I mean, if someone rage a lot, if someone is toxic etc, why would you ban his account if he play good. I think that better way is to only disable his chat for a while. Look that Player type 1: Trolling, feeding, being negative, trying to surrender every game, trying to grief other's people games, cheating -> They are almost never banned from the game, but when they are banned they can't play Player type 2: Flaming others but supporting team very nice and doing everything to win the game -> Always banned, but when they are banned they can't play. So, same punishment in both cases is not okay. I think that you could ban player type 1 from game, but player type 2 could get another punishment type, like disabled chat for week, disabled chat for month, for half a year or so, he can use pings, but he cant type anything. What are your opinions? EDIT FROM COMMENTS: If RIOT truly wants offending players to stop offending, then don't punish them for 1 bad game. I love your words but RIOT's actions severely disagree with you. Why don't you comment on this? I actually highlighted it for you. You know for most people this is the issue. I agree that toxic people should be punished somehow, but the core of this topc, the title: "Let's make fair punishments", and that's what's missing here. By not giving what was promised for honorable behavior due to 1 bad game, RIOT is actively creating toxic players. I can guarantee you majority of the people who lost rewards this season will be trolling next season and I'll guarantee you they won't get banned for it. They'll do it in a way the automated system won't pick up on it.
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