Is it even worth appealing a perma-ban as I have read riot sup is really bad with these things? I would also like to add they don't warn you about anything like this I wasn't even chat banned I have previously been 2 week banned once. Is it really fair to go from a 2 week ban and not even chat restriction or ranked ban to never being allowed on your account again. Finally, surely the easiest way to stop toxicity in league would be to just remove chat and add more pings and it would remove so much stress and aggravation away from the chat and help people focus on the game more. Even just add the option to prevent yourself being allowed to use any messages both in game and after game lobby would be a huge help in stopping flaming and raging. P.S I have played league 2 years and it seems unfair to have all that effort and time just wiped away for a few meaningless words
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