Sincerely, **** you Riot

I log in to play a ranked game and I get a Nunu who starts with boots, and runs into the mid lane turret. Then he does it again. And again. And again. He finished the game with 0/31/0 or so. Cait (Our adc) went afk because she wanted the game to end faster, then started farming when I said that I am gonna report her for AFK. We lost (obviously) and I got demoted. Now, my dear Riot, I demand an answer to these two questions: 1)Why was I even paired with that guy? He was trolling for 7 GAMES IN A ROW! And in the last 20 games, he only won 2! Why give me that guy as a teammate. 2)Why the **** wasn't he banned? 7 games aren't enough? Even though you can see it from his Match History, I have screenshots of his score, in case you are too lazy to do even that.
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