About banning system for toxicity few words From player banned 79 times.

So I got permbanned 79 times and I want to tell You few things about how %%%%ed up this system is, I know how it is from sheer experience, so I think it might interest someone. **I don't ask about unbanning**. First thing is, that system don't care if You are toxic or no, all system take into calculation is how much reports u get and keywords. For example when someone is trash I report him for hate speech and verbal abuse, and often get popup that they got restricted. This just shows how ridiculous the system is. Second thing is that instead of banning the cause of toxicity, riot decides to ban the toxicity, like it will change anything. To be honest person who survived first permban is even more toxic than before permban. Do you know why? Because that person has nothing to lose now, and is free to do and say whatever he want. Third thing is that system don't even know who to ban for what. For example I will use my first permban and recent ban. My first permban was 10 games chat restriction that I asked riot if this is even right. After playing that 10 games, and about week I see my account was permbanned. That's how system works, thing that riot employee taken as permbanable system punished with 10 games restriction (but that was maybe due to amount of money spent on that account). Right now i reached my 79 permban and saw chatlogs that friend sent me with his 14 days ban. Guess what? My chatlogs that I got perma for were nothing compared to his chatlogs that he got 14 days for. In other words You can do whatever you want, as long as u don't chat, but I guess that everyone know it. Summing up the system is worthless trash that can't do most of things right, wrongly classify ban categories (10 games 25 games 14 days perma) and won't change anything, since after first permban person either quit the game or gets permbanned over and over again like me. And by permbanning someone, there is nothing that You can do to control him, because "People that have nothing to lose, are most dangerous". Chatlogs from my permbanned account and 14 day banned account will be posted in link, eventually in comment if you ask for it. Here is the link https://shrib.com/?v=md#1DN6_Yuox1Dd6siC79CZ (there may be ads so just use adblock or whatever)
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