The most TOXIC player ever

He(Jhin) died 2 times in 2 minutes,blaming me,support(even tho he was 0 2,i was 1 0).Goes mid saying "i go mid,nautilus has next level aut1sm"-making sure he uses 1 instead of i to not get banned.Later after some of his deaths around map,in jungle, he kept saying me some of the most disgusting things ive ever seen: "just ky5 buddy"(again typing 5 instead of s to "cheat"the system and avoid ban),"stop wasting my beautiful oxygen fking waste of sperm" "nautilus is ur father raping u atm"... It doesnt let me screenshot in game,only after,so i used my phone to capture his toxicity. After the game he sent a friend request and i accepted thinking he would apologize,say he is sorry or something but no...Immediately he sent few messages and tried to quickly remove me from friends so it get deleted,but he wasnt fast enough so i screenshot it(for privacy reasons probably cant put it here).He sent me:"i hope u and ur family dies today in the worst way :) ". I reported him after the game,but i dont know if he will get punished.Most of the time you will see that these players you report just keep playing.. Should i write a ticket with all these pictures and screenshots if this is "worth" banning? I dont want to waste their time and bother Support if this behaviour is not the most disgusting and toxic,and should be bannable.
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