This ban is just ridiculous...

Yes, it's another "_why am I banned_" post... but before you get your downvotes ready, hear me out. I really do not understand how my behaviour could have gotten me a 14 day ban in this case, you be the judge and tell me how. I have played this game for 8 years and only once had a ban before this, which was over 2 years ago. I've since then reformed and recently even reached honor level 4. Well, today I was playing some URF and I was up against Ezreal and Orianna, a particularly annoying lane because I was playing GP. As expected, they destroyed me and my lane partner udyr. The enemy Ezreal kept doing his emotes and annoying me, and he even typed "I'm fabulous" in all chat after killing me. So, when he overstepped and got killed, I said in all chat "nice one f.a.g" (without the dots, boards censor the word) Now, I know this might not be very nice. But I meant it as a joke, seeing that people often say Ezreal is gay for Taric, and the enemy Ezreal even referenced that when he said "I'm fabulous". I honestly did not intend it as "hate speech" or whatever. As any normal League player would, Ezreal realized I was kinda tilted and started killing me whenever I came back to lane. After this happened for the 4th time in a row, I threw another "f.a.g" at him. One simple word. Well, apparently those two words were enough for a ban, and I must disagree with that decision. I know the recent political climate has sensitized people towards sexual insults, but I have seen so much worse in basically every game. One guy on my friends list recently changed his name to "Muslim beheader" or something like that and he is still playing. People tell me or my teammates to get cancer on the daily, and they don't get anything for that. I would say that telling someone to get a horrible and deadly disease is worse than making a joke about a sexual orientation that might not even concern the player. It was obvious to everyone in that game that I meant it as a joke, and no one got offended by it. I haven't had any other previous warnings and I find it a bit harsh to jump from nothing to a 14-day ban, especially because I was just getting back into League after a longer break and this has certainly killed my motivation. Oh, and just in case you don't believe me, here are the chatlogs:
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