Leaving Your Team To 4v5

I think we have all had those games in which someone got upset over something minor and decided to afk farm, refuse to communicate with the team and occasionally go find some action in a 1v5. I have found that we as a community view 'afk farming' as not that much of an issue and I fail to understand as to why. I understand that splitting is great, but when you're getting nothing out of it and are dying every other minute, not to mention refusing to defend when asked to or generally not communicating with your team - you're bringing no benefit (apart from maybe occasionally giving an advantage of a 4v4 to the rest of your team). In fact, many of the people that I have met have done this as a way to lose a game on purpose because something was done that they did not like (such as being flamed or team performing badly). These people often admit this in chat or strongly imply that they indeed wish for everyone to lose the game and therefore they're going to simply go afk farm. The worst part is the fact that this isn't even that easy to report, the person is not actually afk or has left the game or is inting most of the time. Sure, you can report them for a negative attitude/unsportsmanlike behaviour but this doesn't seem to be picked up that often or taken as a serious offence. My question to you is - should there should be more focus on intentionally losing the game for your team by refusing to play with the team or refusing to communicate with your team? Half of these people normally don't get punished and likely repeat their technique again and again, even having a bad day isn't a good excuse to losing a game for 4 other players.
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