Just got banned.

Well, this is awkward. Just got banned for 3rd party software. I've always taken the systems side on these issues when forum posts of this type pop up, so I probably owe some apologies. Honestly, I'm not devastated. I've had the account for a few years and it's the GO TO game for when I get a group of friends, but I don't play as much as I used too, and only play ARAM or TFT nowadays anyway, so I can live without. It is however a false positive, so I'm going to list some of my programs that I often have running in the background that are less commonly used by people so that others that use them can help me tick them off as not the culprit, or confirm a similar result. Blender - As well as multiple AddOns done in Python, I don't think they'd flag, but I'm putting it here in case. Marvelous designer Zbrush Substance Painter Substance designer Snipping Tool (should be safe) WinSCP (Possibly culprit) Sourcetree (Possible culprit) Unity (Should be safe) Unreal (Should be safe) Audacity (Should be safe) WhatPulse (record my inputs for statistical analysis, although I'd say this could be the issue, I've had it for years so think it's unlikely as I would have been banned long ago. It has no capability of making inputs, only recording them)
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