Am I misunderstanding something about normal draft pick mode?

I've played League since season 3, competitively only in season 6 and 7 and after a long break (2 years) I am back to playing it. Since I don't have low latency like I used to (playing with 40-50ms with occasional spikes to 100) I decided not to play ranked since I might be ruining some other players games from time to time. I completely understand that I am not a good player given my previous competitive ranks were only gold 2 or 3, so I know I am not perfect. However, I feel the need to have decent games in order to feel the full satisfaction of this game and in order to do this I need to "climb" some elo in normal games (talking about draft, don't know if there is difference in the elo of different normal game modes tho). I am checking my mmr in one of the famous websites for the job, I know it might not be right but I think it gives me some idea of whether I am climbing or not. So far so good, but the problem is that it appears that many players that I encounter don't care about normals and I can't see why is this, I am not talking about players who play casually normals - trying to improve their jungle clear for instance, trying new role, trying new champion, trying new build and etc - I am not talking about these players, I am talking about players who just want to troll, whether they will intentionally feed because they lost their lane and they want to finish sooner so they can start new game, players who are assigned support but they don't really play like support (for instance picking lee sin support and buying him support item doesn't make him real support), premades who just refuse to communicate or whatsoever and not only that but they will flame you as well and since they are more you might end up getting reportedx2(3,4) for telling them that they did something wrong, couple of games ago I had teammates (maybe premade, I don't know) who didn't want to remake (our support was afk/dc/never started the game) with the words "why remake, its normal, who cares" I was adc that game and I didn't have much fun playing 2vs1 sometimes 3vs1 but I managed to pull of some kills and come out even while whole my team lost all their lanes. So after this long post which I am sorry for, I want to ask you guys, am I misunderstanding something or normal DRAFT pick should be played like ranked games only difference is that it is sort of "allowed" to play new roles, try new champs, try new builds etc and should be strongly advised to report(ban) people who ruin this behaviour? Two things that are important to note from my question: 1. I put allowed here in quotes because obviously everything is allowed in every game mode, but I hope you understand what I mean. 2. I am explicitly saying normal DRAFT pick, this is question targeting only normal draft pick game mode.

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