Your thoughts about my suspension?

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This is my first suspension ever since I started league back in 2014. I had this game where our team was doing great, but after a while their Sejuani decided to give up after every laner on their team died at least 3-4 times. After that, he bought full Dark Seal items and called his team boosted bonobos who deserve bronze 5. I proceeded to say this: Game 1 For The River: you buy full items of dark seals For The River: calls team bonobo For The River: says they deserve bronze 5 For The River: Who's the real bonobo here? I made sure to report him for the things he said, but I'm the one who got the suspension. What do you guys think? Was this 14-day suspension from Riot a well made decision? You can also take a look at the match history provided down below to see the items bought. This link shows what that player had bought at so and so minutes. PS: Not sure if Honor 5 means anything to anyone here, but I had received it 3 months ago, I've never flamed people in my games as I tend to be quiet, however I do like to stand up for people who get flamed, so I'm guessing they report me for doing something that's 'right'? Have a nice day, Summoners ^_^ UPDATE: The suspension will not be lifted simply because the word "Bonobo" was included.
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