Ranked is UN%%%%ING playable.

19 days ago I took a break from ranked because I had 3 toxic people in a row, I thought if I took a break maybe Riot would of done something to make the queues a healthy environment. 4 days ago, I played a game. I killed their Trynda top, he raged the entire game and refused to play the game because "Sejuani and Irelia are broken." I won this game because it was 4 v 5. 2 hours ago, my bot lane were flaming eachother since the start of the game and refused to play the game. 23 minute game and they spent 20 of it typing to eachother. 4 minutes ago, my bot lane were flaming eachother again. Soraka took teleport and didn't take her heal ability until level 7, Jinx then ran into the enemies several times intentionally feeding them, we lost this game. ANY GAME I QUEUE FOR IS FILLED WITH SOMEBODY TOXIC. THEY AREN'T GETTING PUNISHED SO THEY CONTINUE TO RAMPAGE THROUGH PLAT SOLOQUEUE. I want to hit diamond and maintain that rank. I cannot 1 v 5 as a Sejuani player. I will barely ever win any games where it's 4 v 5. While I understand the behaviour of individuals is random, you can implement harder punishments to dis-encourage it further. Someone went afk in ranked? Someone intentionally fed, toxic? 14 day account ban, 50 day rank ban. That way they can't repeat the process, they have to wait and hopefully realise, "man I'm a shitty person, if I stop being a shitty person, I won't be locked out of ranked." Just do %%%%ing anything and yeah, I'm mad.
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