Why did I get banned ? I did nothing wrong

My links, as you can see they are perfectly normal. I don't get it what I did wrong. Please unban me lord Riot, I need you inside me. Game 1 In-Game Vallalima: get cancer irl Vallalima: %%%%%% shit Vallalima: fullmute all Vallalima: %%%et whote Vallalima: i hope you die irl Vallalima: %%%%%%s like you should get raped Vallalima: in the %%%%ing mouth Vallalima: get cancer seriously Vallalima: cant play normal Vallalima: die irl Vallalima: get cancer Vallalima: cammille rushes Vallalima: boots first item Vallalima: can 1 shot a singed Vallalima: get cancer %%%%%% shit Vallalima: i hope you burn irl Vallalima: if you tell me where you live Vallalima: i will burn you and your family Vallalima: you poland trash Vallalima: get cancer irl Vallalima: get cancer Vallalima: russian whore Vallalima: how can you even live with yourself Vallalima: you have a president for 90 years Vallalima: when will you commit suicide btw? Vallalima: %%%%%% agaiunb Vallalima: %%%%ing %%%%%% Vallalima: how %%%%%% %%%et of a russian does this crap of a talon have to be Vallalima: %%%%%% trash Vallalima: %%%%%% adc cant play without his %%% buddy Vallalima: tfw when tristana is adc Vallalima: free jump and long range cc Vallalima: adc needs a slut baby Vallalima: to support her Vallalima: %%%%%% shit whore Vallalima: get cancer %%%%%% Vallalima: easy Vallalima: nice death %%%%%% Game 2 Pre-Game Vallalima: rzye support is best In-Game Vallalima: easy Vallalima: baddie always Vallalima: winner supreme Vallalima: easy Vallalima: his name is graves Vallalima: trash Vallalima: lucky trash cancer whore Vallalima: lucky abuser Vallalima: with gank whore Vallalima: i bet your mother raped you Vallalima: you %%%%ing slut Vallalima: get cancer irl Vallalima: i would like to see you play Vallalima: without your %%%get luck and %%%% buddyu Vallalima: kill yourself Vallalima: just commit suicide Vallalima: world will be better place Vallalima: wihtout you Vallalima: %%%%ing %%%%%%s Vallalima: 3vs1 Vallalima: like interracially mother%%%%ing whores Vallalima: i wonder if you will tell your boyfriend you won this lane Vallalima: after he creampies you Vallalima: easy Vallalima: trash Vallalima: still cant win Vallalima: hahah Vallalima: literally called Vallalima: your %%%get boi again Vallalima: this is hilarious Vallalima: trash even used ignite Vallalima: get cancer Vallalima: hahah Vallalima: pve 3vs1 trash Vallalima: top lane smug Vallalima: you should get cancer irl no joke aatrox Vallalima: tfw when mobility boots give you dmg Vallalima: byuebye Vallalima: noi ult btw Vallalima: i beat you Vallalima: without using my ult Vallalima: this is how trash you are Vallalima: %%%gy bunny Vallalima: hardstuck Vallalima: on a smurf Vallalima: lelelelee Vallalima: nice Vallalima: high dps talon Vallalima: can beat a tank Vallalima: with mob boots Vallalima: i guess i should rush mobility boots Vallalima: get cancer killed Vallalima: hardstuck talon Vallalima: suck mui %%%% baddie Vallalima: easy Vallalima: better mid wins Vallalima: talon free win Vallalima: hardstuck Game 3 In-Game Vallalima: thats %%%%%%ed Vallalima: you heal and do true damage? Vallalima: and once you are six you are immune to dmg? Vallalima: how can one even beat trynd if all he does is be vagina Vallalima: lol Vallalima: another gank Vallalima: by a whore Vallalima: are you %%%% buddies or something?= Vallalima: get cancer Vallalima: never in my life Vallalima: have i seen Vallalima: such a wnb Vallalima: trynd Vallalima: now he blieves Vallalima: he takes turret Vallalima: when he is literally being babysitted Vallalima: so insane how trash Vallalima: being bad awayds you Vallalima: nice Vallalima: hit r and crit Vallalima: with 0 rage Vallalima: oh yes Vallalima: rush r first ability Vallalima: high skill Vallalima: how to play tryndamere Vallalima: step 1: be babysitted Vallalima: step 2: pick ignite Vallalima: tryndamere with ignite Vallalima: and no babysitt Vallalima: is pointless Vallalima: lol Vallalima: balanced Vallalima: you 1 shot me Vallalima: while being babysitted Vallalima: man this game Vallalima: is 100% reason Vallalima: why i dont play this trash Vallalima: game anymore Vallalima: cant play more than 4 games in a row Vallalima: losing to trash like this Vallalima: just whatever
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