I got my well deserved bann.

Game 1 In-Game justicerox: that shit looks stupid justicerox: i did that justicerox: she was dead you idiot justicerox: but you dumb%%%%s overfed rumble justicerox: 0/10 botlane in 12 mins justicerox: typical soloqgame justicerox: who gives a siht justicerox: they are terrible justicerox: sure iam justicerox: tiliting me like that wont work justicerox: i dont need some %%%%%% that got feed of a bunch of inters tell me that i suck when iam playing on my chill acount justicerox: you inted justicerox: face it justicerox: well you are cancerous justicerox: ff or iam afk justicerox: at next vote justicerox: its lost justicerox: botlane lost it justicerox: look at botlane justicerox: just end it justicerox: they wont ff justicerox: no use justicerox: tey are overfed and botlane is %%%%%%ed justicerox: end it justicerox: i did justicerox: alright but then i had to met 1 6/0 rumble justicerox: you cant be that %%%%ing stupid justicerox: i died justicerox: because your dumb ass justicerox: got them so fed tothe point justicerox: twhere counterplay is not a thing anymroe justicerox: you degenerate justicerox: cant you just end it? justicerox: go all mid and push justicerox: what are we gonna do about it justicerox: degenerate is an understatement justicerox: you are beyoing stupid justicerox: wont happen justicerox: you inted bot justicerox: you lost the game justicerox: i acepted that justicerox: you dont justicerox: loot at this cait justicerox: going tabis against a afull ap bot justicerox: i had ad on my lane justicerox: vs ad jungler justicerox: botlane trolled justicerox: i acpeted that justicerox: they lost it justicerox: no point in trying justicerox: we cant winn with this troll bot justicerox: we would have been fine justicerox: oh pls justicerox: just go 5 mind and end justicerox: you did justicerox: but that botlane cant winn Post-Game justicerox: vel is beyond stupid justicerox: this botlane cant come back justicerox: schnauze rumble justicerox: nerf mal nicht justicerox: jo justicerox: was is dein problem damit? justicerox: nix da justicerox: du bist der schlechteste troll justicerox: den ich seit langem gesehen habe justicerox: oder du bist dumm wie brot justicerox: kanns nich genau sagen justicerox: ne justicerox: du hast doch die ganze zeit versucht mich zu trollen justicerox: dein jämerlicher trollversuch is rotz justicerox: und du hörst immernoch nicht auf justicerox: plat 5 justicerox: is justicerox: nicht justicerox: hoch Game 2 In-Game justicerox: lets ff 15 justicerox: %%%% it justicerox: %%%% it i go mid justicerox: i go bot now justicerox: i push justicerox: idc justicerox: yasou mains deserve cancer justicerox: i dont evne want to play thisshit justicerox: let me fak push bot justicerox: go somewher eelse justicerox: leave me the %%%% alone justicerox: i was full hp dumbass justicerox: is there something worse than cancer? justicerox: if yes i want yasou to get it justicerox: NA KLAR HAT DIE FOTZE NEN ZHONIAS justicerox: WAS MACHT IHR AFFEN DA justicerox: LEONA WAS MACHST DU DA justicerox: WAS SOLLDER SCHEI? justicerox: YOU WENT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM TO GET YOURSELF KILLED justicerox: afk bot justicerox: %%%% em justicerox: BARON IHR LAPPEN justicerox: ALE BEHINDERT justicerox: leo completely braindead justicerox: and tris is even worse justicerox: tris runs into vi ult justicerox: every justicerox: %%%%ing justicerox: time justicerox: %%%% minions Post-Game justicerox: %%%% this stupid game justicerox: yes justicerox: true justicerox: are you %%%%ing %%%%%%ed justicerox: no wp here justicerox: we all played like siht justicerox: everyone in this game played like gargabe Game 3 In-Game justicerox: why are you araming already justicerox: teamk justicerox: what you doing justicerox: stop leeting them free push justicerox: safe justicerox: jsut safe justicerox: stop greeding justicerox: get the %%%%ing tower justicerox: focus towers not cahmps justicerox: i think you need to stay mid justicerox: wait it justicerox: why would you fight there justicerox: why justicerox: wtf justicerox: no dumbass justicerox: you died justicerox: because you fight justicerox: yes justicerox: but fighting is WHAT THESY WANT DUMASS justicerox: WHAT WE WANT justicerox: IS NOT justicerox: FIGHT justicerox: CHILL justicerox: AND DO NOTHING justicerox: WAIT IT justicerox: DONT FIGHT justicerox: WE CANT FIGHT THEM WITH BARON YOU DEGENERATE justicerox: WAIT ME justicerox: udyr justicerox: i said justicerox: wait justicerox: me justicerox: udyr and lucian wil cost us the game with thier greed justicerox: pls dont waste your ult like that justicerox: iam not mad justicerox: let me push top justicerox: i got tp justicerox: ward up justicerox: that means dont engage justicerox: udyr baron in 40 justicerox: you cant be botside justicerox: letme justicerox: i got tp justicerox: if you stay justicerox: they get baron justicerox: dont split up zigs justicerox: oh i wory a lot justicerox: see justicerox: get zhonias justicerox: udyr justicerox: drake up justicerox: you cant be top justicerox: zig u too justicerox: you being top gave them free drake justicerox: lucian you dumbass justicerox: push mid justicerox: 3 top justicerox: ffs justicerox: why are you all so stupid justicerox: play for the damn towers justicerox: iam telling you everything you need to winn this game, and you still managge to ignore everything and throw harder and harder e justicerox: i have tried pings justicerox: but they get ignored justicerox: got tp justicerox: ward it up justicerox: stay safge justicerox: WHY CANT YOU EVER STAY SAFE justicerox: try baron justicerox: they deff bot justicerox: its free justicerox: now justicerox: 3v4 justicerox: learn to listen justicerox: go top justicerox: team justicerox: i distrakt bot justicerox: go top justicerox: top as 4 justicerox: ez justicerox: us %%%%ing stupid Post-Game justicerox: learn justicerox: to justicerox: play justicerox: safe justicerox: when justicerox: you justicerox: need justicerox: to justicerox: he cant justicerox: against me justicerox: he also didnt justicerox: i got 2 kills justicerox: you know what justicerox: if you are playing lux support justicerox: you shouldnt wonder if you loose justicerox: dontplay lux supp justicerox: then you play against %%%%%%s Iam glad to see, that they system works. I have been toxic, and hope i can change. i know tilt is my biggest problem and iam working on it. Lets make a tiny game out of this. What do you think did i get for this?
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