Players below Plat should not be able to surrender a RANKED match.

Players below Plat should not be able to surrender a RANKED match. So here are my arguments to why I think so: Players in low elo generally have no idea about champ powerspikes, team compositions, objectives etc. Keep this in mind while reading my post. So there's this game, I am playing ADC, get camped, fall behind end up 0/3/?. My CS was rather good smthing like 200 at 21-22 min. As the game progresses our mid tower and inhib fell, we had destroyed only two t1 towers, they also got bot T2 tower at that point, we caught them and I managed to get my first kill of the game. At that point I got my third item (not counting boots), that's exactly when my big powerspike is and I become useful...... AAANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD .... *SUSPENSE* .... GUESS WHAT MY TEAM DECIDED TO DO AT THE POINT WHEN I GOT BACK FROM MY ROUGH EARLY GAME AND WAS ACTUALLY USEFUL AGAIN.... THEY SURRENDERED. This is why I think surrender should not be possible below plat. (Players there can't appreciate a team that has lategame potential and can't appreciate that their teammates need their items to be useful.) Common arguments against what I am saying: - "Litteraly 4 ppl on your team think its a loss" - That's true, but the team is made of 5 people. And from a loss all 5 lose LP. So if someone is not ready to give up their lp and thinks they can win, he should not be forced to lose!!! Or just make me not lose LP when I vote NO. I should not be trolled into losing lp. - "You're wasting 40 minutes of everyone's time" - Okay, this one I find funny tbh. Let's examine the situation: You sat down to PLAY A GAME. You had nothing better to do with your life at this time SO YOU SAT DOWN TO PLAY A %%%%EN GAME. PLAY THE GODDAMN GAME THEN. IF YOU HAVE NO TIME AND ARE IN A HURRY DO NOT START A GODDAMN RANKED GAME. YOU START A RANKED GAME WHEN YOU HAVE TIME TO FINISH IT. I am not sure about you guys but for me it's the most fun when I make a comeback in a game. Well a lot of players have no idea what a "comeback" is and spoil my fun by not letting me make a comeback by surrendering before I can do so. If you can't commit to an online game go play singleplayer games. Online competitive games require commitment and you can't just quit.
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