The surrender vote - Senpai, please help!

I try my best to be a nice player in league. If someone gets salty at another player, I find compromises and get the team back together. If someone starts to feed, i gank his lane and he gets back on business. But the only thing that scares me, the 1 only thing that puts me in a full raging tantrum is : the surrender vote I really, really, really, really hate surrender. It's like, "lul, give them free win, hehehe". NO NO AND NO!!! TO HELL WITH YOUR SURRENDER! STOP VOTING FF!!! If theres anything which i think is the most toxic element in league, its not Riven, no. No, not Teemo. Neither Rengar, or Nasus. Or that feeder in my team. I dont care if that guy you think is trolling, I dont even report anyone anymore, its the goddamn surrender, one vote and boom i lose myself. Something REALLY needs to be done against this poisonous way to close a game with a guaranteed victory to your enemy team. It is disgusting to see your team surrendering at 10 v 17 when we got equal farm or close gold amount. Also, yes, im such a surrender hater that i vote no even on a 6 v 37 situation. Im sure most of you guys hate to surrender, but why so? Do you want to erase that little chance you got to destroy your enemy? Do you only care about clear wins?
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