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Hi, My account is banned. I`m a person who doesn`t flame people when they feed or make mistakes. My problem is that i can not controll my emotions when people flame ME or troll MY game. I was working on this and it was getting better and better but probably not the way and in the speed riot wanted it. I don`t say in what i do is correct!!? But what i want to say is what riot does is incorrect. I`m a good person and i try to help people as much as i can. but when a person flames me, is toxic, trolls me it is very hard for me not to respond to this. Riot wants people to show no emotion, be a robot, ignore everything that is said and certainly done (like trolling, feeding, stealing farm, feeding hard, acting stupid) They don`t care if people ruin my game and if they care i should certainly not be human and show any emotion about it. That would be ideal for a shallow closed society with no confrontation but this is not reality... i got the email with the case and let me explain what happened in the game, I am vayne, farming safe, lvl3 ish, enemy pushes and they have about 3 to 4 waves of minions, our Rek sai ganks and thresh AA`s before engaging receiving all the damage from minions and rek follows, they die so fast and i ping back.. it was a stupid engage. enemy burns all sums and they both die. I said nothing.... They both started to flame me and asked people to report me and rek goes afk saying "vayne does not deserve elo idc" I get the following case; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ u are just retarded chasing in tto 3 creepwaces i mute and report fore negative and toxic and being a dumbass report thresh and rek for flame and rek afk and they say i troll ss blitz bot care how a support can loe your lane the hardest in 2016 feeding and flame the asc great cork bot will come mid just seige dont play this game plz this team is great they are dumb skarner they chase botlane in almost 4 creepwaves and pijng they die and they flame me after that they keep feeding and rek says idc vayne deserves no elo they are trolling bg its ok First off all this is only what i said so riot does not really care about how this all started. 2nd, not even 30 sec after the game ended i got suspended ( making it clear for me the person who banned me did not even look in to this properly ) 3rd, i do agree that i should not call them dumb etc but, you don`t see what they are saying to me and that they are starting this all. I do not agree with a permanent suspension after this simple something and with only this 1 case. I`m not a robot, we are people and should be able to say something in the chat. Riot should take every situation and how things start in to consideration before making these drastic measures. I enjoy the game allot, i bought so many skins, boosts, champs it is retarded, i am able to just ignore these stupid kids (but i also have bad days, that is called being human), i`ve put so much time in to this... i got all the runes, all the champs, everything. Because of these reasons i don`t agree with this suspension and i will start a lawsuit about it if riot does not want to talk to me on a proffesional level. I requested a negotiation and i hope i can get my account back and mute the chat in every game to avoid being a victim of people who try to piss me off... Riot, lets talk and look in to this case instead of this weird way of shutting me down when i`m clearly trying to make things better.
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