Community is disgusting

This game was one of my favorite onces I had so much joy and will to play it but as the days go by i hate it more and more. And thats not because Riot is doing something or the game gets old and boring but the player in it. The usless report system that never works in my favour. The toxic flaming disgustin language and behaviour players have to you. You yasuo main they will spit on you since the lobby, you zed main you will be cursed from the 1 second. You teemo main you will receive more death and suicide wishes than you can even imagine. Personaly I hate it when i play my mains Lee and Shen get killed or miss a skill and chats starts flooding with bullshit and crap like omg 1 milion lee cant hit q. omg 900 k shen btw lmfao zomg, boosted sell skin go %%% die lmao kid %%%got and so on and so on building so much mental pressure and axiety that you just dont want to enter the game you just dont want to play it buy skins for your fav champs and laugh and be happy, because you dont associate league with something that you are willing to spend your free time but something disgusting that hurt you and brings up complexes by shitty people with no integrity and gameship wishing death illnes and suffering upon you and you family.. you think of league as one big huge void that will suck out your emotions deacaying you inside from psychological toxicness .. And everytime i try to report someone i never get instant feedback, but if i get annoyed or angered by someone elses curses and tell to go f them selfs and that they are disgusting filth i instnantly get chat restrict or even 15 days of suspension because i said to other player how can you insult me like that are you a normal human being you brailess aape .. now when i play league i mute all pings and lower chat so small and put it behind mini map so i dont see and get annoyed by lines i mentioned .. this game brings up the scum of society for me sorry i will never recommend and even mention it anywhere else
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