I just made one of my first irrational reports

Hi, today I just played a game of League (ranked) as always. I was matched against Jinx. She caught my attention cause of her summoner name. It was "Babylon", I could have never known what babylon means if haven't watched the latest season 6 of X-files episode 5. It is actually reference to Tower of Babel (Gate of God) in the Islamic bible according to the 10 seconds I spent in wiki during the loading screen. And the moment I realized that, at the start of the game I said in all chat "report jinx for being extremist" ,without knowing who is the person behind the screen what is his life all about my primal instinct just exploded and I just attacked her. Now don't understand me wrong there are some cool 3rd world countries that I like such as Africa safari and stuff. I even would prefer living during the Second World war as soldier because I like when people fight for honor and die with honor. But in those Islamic countries there is no honor, there is only meaningless death and fear for generations Of course I had no right to report her event though I already did for Offensive Summoner Name I am not trying to justify anything I just thought that I will brought a nice discussion that will help me deal with my fears because they are really affecting me in a bad way. Like ... she may even never been from those countries but my fear was completely enough to force me into action I am atheist I don't believe in anything except in 3rd option, I like to think that no matter the problem is there is always a third option
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