Permanently Banned

Greetings, So i played 2 games yesterday that i didnt do well in them. I have already been banned with 14 days suspension before so i knew i had to be careful to change my behaviour and be calmer about the game. Please keep the latter in mind. Im playing my game ( the second one) and im not doing well at all. I gave first blood without meaning to and overall the other team was better than me and my team in general. My teammates kept flaming me claiming i am trolling and proceeded to report me after game like i did to them. keep in mind i DID NOT FLAME THEM. i just took it like a man and tried to explain to them that if someone does bad in a game doesnt mean hes trolling. Then game is over and im permanently banned ( and before m yaccount closed i received a notice that someone i reported received a penalty too.) Why did i get perma banned? i didnt flame them and i certainly didnt troll them ( anyone who wants to watch a replay i can give info.) Thank you for your time
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